⛈ Spring Means Roof Leaks…

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Yes, it is safe to say a vast majority of us are ready to say goodbye to old man winter and hello to the spring weather. We understand that with the excitement of warmer weather and bright sunshine in the air, your roof, and its condition is the furthest thing from your mind. That is, of course, until your roof starts leaking.

As the warmer temperatures arrive, rain usually comes with it. Rain means a significant increase in the chances that your roof will leak.

During the winter, high winds and cold weather can greatly affect the integrity of your roof. Lifted shingles, broken “flashings”, and poorly sealed vents are just the beginning of how water can start to leak into your home.

The Good NewsRoof leaks, if caught right away, can usually be fixed easily and at an affordable cost. They do need to be recognized and taken care of right away because you don’t need to give water much time to cause a big mess.

The Bad NewsIf you wait to do anything about a leak in your roof you are pretty much asking for a big mess. The water you could have to replace water-damaged wood, walls, or ceilings. Trust us, this is no fun for you or for anyone involved. It can also put quite a hurting on your wallet.

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We didn’t mean to scare you or make you paranoid about your roof leaking, we just want to inform you that it is a serious problem and should not be taken lightly. If you aren’t sure about what to look for to see if your roof is leaking then you are in luck because we compiled a list below to give you the information you need to identify a leak before it gets out of hand and costs you thousands of dollars.

Here are some common roof leaks signs to look for:

  • Discoloration on your ceiling or walls (that’s where water has already started to soak into the ceiling material, so there’s more damage than you think) – especially watch bathrooms where special vent pipes go through the roof and can be a source of leaking
  • Light fixtures that mysteriously blow out periodically (that’s where water is leaking in and causing a short – NOT GOOD!)
  • Lifting shingles on the roof (we can fix them relatively easily if you catch them early)
  • Sagging parts of the roof, especially along the leading edge above the gutters or in “valleys” (the places where two roof lines meet to channel water down to the gutter)
  • Missing shingles (that’s an easy one)
  • Metal flashing around the outside base of chimneys that is bent or pulled away from the chimney, allowing water to get behind it (this is typically caused by ice expanding outward)

If you see any of these signs, don’t wait to give us a call. Any of these can be signs of growing damage that will increase in cost to repair. Like a bad disease, catch them early and fix them, and you can save yourself a lot of heartache and money!

Enjoy your spring but keep your eyes open for potential roof problems. That way you won’t ruin your spring with expensive roof leak repairs.

7 Year No-Leak Guarantee...

Elmer’s Roofing has a 7 Year No-Leak Guarantee that lets you put your full trust in us to treat you how we would want to be treated. If your roof leaks within 7 years, we will fix it at no cost to you!

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