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Having roofing services done is an investment that you make, hoping you can reap the rewards of 25+ years of life from your roof. Do you know the signs of a bad or good roof job? However, there’s always the fear of spending a lot of money on a roof repair or roof replacement only to learn the contractors you hired did a terrible job.


This makes you out to be just another victim who suffers at the hand of a company’s dishonesty and lack of integrity. You don’t deserve that, and you should be able to feel confident about the work a company does for you. Even better, what if there is something you can do that will help to ensure you are receiving quality roofing services. This way, you can save yourself time and money in the long run.

There are 4 easy signs you can look for to determine whether your roofing contractors did a good job or a bad job. The best part is that you do not need to be a professional roof contractor to understand what to look for. An inexperienced, untrained eye can even notice these 4 signs of a bad or good roof job.

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1.     Non-Uniformity

A lack of uniformity in your roofing shingles is a good indicator that your roofer cuts corners to save time and/or money while doing the job, thus leaving you short on receiving the quality of work you expect. One sign of nonuniformity includes some asphalt shingles that are different in color compared to others on the same roof. This could be the result of the contractor running out of your preferred shingle choice and replacing it with whatever they had available. This is not acceptable. More should be ordered for a consistent appearance.  If you notice sagging rooflines, then that indicates either part of the roof decking or framing needs to be replaced and it wasn’t. Rooflines should be perfectly straight. The uniformity of roofing shingles is something that can be noticed simply by looking up at your roof from ground level.

2.     Damaged or Missing Shingles

Damaged or missing shingles is a common sign for a poorly done roofing job. All shingles put on your roof should be new, pristine, and in perfect condition. Old, recycled, used shingles should not be re-used onto your new roof. You shouldn’t see any cracked shingles or shingles sticking up on your roof after having your roof replaced. This is something you can easily notice from standing on the ground and looking up at your roof.

3.     Sagging Rooflines

Sagging rooflines indicates that parts of the roof framing or decking were not properly fixed. Rooflines should be perfectly straight. Your roof lines should not have a dip or curve. This is something that can easily be visibly seen after the repair.

4.     No Drip Edge Flashing

All newly installed roofs should have drip edge flashing, as this helps to prevent water from getting beneath the shingles and causing leakage, rotting, staining, mold damage, and erosion alongside the foundation of a house. Drip edge flashing is a metallic sheet that gives protection to the board beneath the roof’s drip edge from water damage. You can easily notice if drip edge flashing is present by looking to see if a small overhang exists on the edge of your roof. See the illustration below.

flashing vs no flashing

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1.     Even and Uniform

Your new roof job should reflect the same shingles being used from start to finish. You should see a uniform appearance in color, appearance, and should not see any sagging. This will be a clear sign that you received quality roofing services.

2.     Flashing is Used

Flashing is a metallic sheet designed to give protection to your roof from leaks. Flashing is typically used around leak-prone areas on the roofs such as around pipes or chimneys. Flashing is also used at the edge of your roof to guide water away into the gutters to be carried away from the house. Good roofers will always install plenty of metal flashing around leak-prone areas as opposed to cutting corners and not using flashing. Also, flashing used should be brand new and not old or used. You will be able to notice the difference in flashing as seen by the picture below. But some flashing will only be noticeable during the process of installation.

3.     Quality Underlayment

Quality underlayment is something that may only be noticed during the installation process. It is something worth looking out for as it signifies that you have received quality roofing services. For quality roofing, underlayment should be placed between the sheathing and the shingles of the home, as it acts as another barrier keeping your home protected from moisture or water leaks. Not just any underlayment will be used, but a high-strength synthetic underlayment will provide quality protection. Synthetic underlayment is known to be much stronger and can lay flatter than its felt-paper counterpart.

4.     Job Areas Left As Found

Any reputable roofing contractor should be leaving the job areas as clean as they found it. No quality roofer should be damaging your landscape, leaving debris and trash in your yard, or leaving trash on top of your roof. Reputable roofing companies should be leaving your yard clean and clear as they found it. Some companies even bring their own dumpster to clean up after a job. You as the customer should have no worries regarding cleanliness at the completion of a job.

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These are just 4 easy signs that you will be able to observe yourself to determine whether the roofing services you received were quality or not. You can now decide with confidence if you were potentially cheated or received a return on your investment Quality roofing services can be hard to come by. Even more so, if you don’t have any type of roofing experience then it can be difficult to determine whether you were the victim of bad roofing services. If you don’t feel comfortable inspecting your own roof, feel free to contact us for free roof inspections.

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