Is My Roof Ready For Winter?

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Old man winter can become too “oh man” winter when an old or damaged roof can’t compete with the cold, wet seasonal climate. While a new roof can be a significant investment, being proactive about replacing or fixing your roof can save you from expensive home repairs due to leaks and mold, especially when paired with the cost of the roof itself.

Why are the winter months so hard on your roof you might ask? Snow and ice, that is the problem! When these heavy elements accumulate on your roof, it can lead to water leaks because of the added weight each brings with it.

How to Evaluate Your Roof

Instead of waiting for a problem to develop, evaluate the condition of your roof and replace or repair it before it gets worse than it is.

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Look for cracked, broken, or curled shingles as these are warning signs of an aging roof. Be sure you are ready because we are!

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When cleaning the leaves out of your gutters, watch for granular (small stones that adhere to the surface of roof shingles to protect them from weather) because they indicate a wearing roof. Clear gutters can not only prevent heavy fall debris from damaging your gutter and your roof but help reduce the formation of icicles and ice dams.

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Proper insulation and ventilation in your attic can also minimize the damaging effects of winter weather.

While we provided a few of the telltale indicators above, only an expert can spot all the signs of an aging or deteriorating roof. Don’t let the winter get the best of your roof this year! 

Contact Elmer’s Roofing for a free estimate. We’ll help you evaluate the quality of your roof, identify problem areas, tell you when it should be replaced, and offer an affordable solution. We will answer your question, is my roof ready for winter?

When you plan ahead and replace or repair your roof before winter, you can avoid the headache of fixing leaks this year and for many seasons to come.

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Elmer’s Roofing has a 7 Year No-Leak Guarantee that lets you put your full trust in us to treat you how we would want to be treated. If your roof leaks within 7 years, we will fix it at no cost to you!

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