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Did you just get suckered into spending $5,000? Now what? That contractor just talked you into spending all this money and you are not even quite sure how or why. Don’t be the neighbor that your neighbors learn what NOT TO DO from.

Do your research on your roof. When making big investment on your house, take time with your decision. Know why, GAF shingles are the best shingles for you. Know what for experiences the community had with this roofing contractor. Know what for license and insurance this contractor has. Don’t let some random guy work on the roof of your house.

Hire a roofing contractor that cares about you. One that gives you the information you want and need. Hire a roofer with a proven reputation seen in their online reviews. Hire a roofing company that cares about you and your property like they would care for their own.

Residential Roofing Contractor Serving Denver, PA

Elmer’s Roofing is an experienced roofer in the Denver, PA area. Our 7 year No-Leak Guarantee lets you be able to rest easy knowing your roof will perform to the standard you expect. If for some reason it does leak, we will take care of it at no cost to you. We don’t consider the job done until you are 100% satisfied.

We want you to have the information you need to make the best decision possible when you are looking for a roof replacement in Denver, PA. We are an Amish roofing company focused on being an asset to the community by our honesty and integrity in business. We want to do apart to make the Denver, PA area a nicer community one roof at a time.  

We Serve Denver, PA & the Surrounding Areas

Are you looking to support a small business? We are an Amish run, owner operated small business that services the Denver, Pa area. We are located in Lancaster, Pa and regularly do residential roofing work in the Denver, Reinholds, Reamstown, and Swartzville area. Check out our Denver, Pa customer reviews below.

Great, friendly, quick service! Did a terrific job and the crew cleaned everything up afterwards and fixed the issue.

Douglas Smith
Megan Cook

Elmer’s Roofing had our garage roof done in half a morning before a snow storm. It was great. Quick and reliable service ! Thanks Elmer

Alexa Wicker

We had a full roof replacement. Elmer’s Roofing did an excellent job! Great communication, punctual and value. Very clean while onsite and after completion. Highly recommend Elmer’s!

Tony LoGiurato

Excellent workmanship and superb crew.
Have gone to Elmer’s Roofing for two different homes.


Elmers was the best price for a new roof and gutters. The install was perfect and went above my expectations and was way better service and easier to deal with than other roofers I worked with. Final install was flawless. Highly recommended.

Andrew Davison

Did a wonderful job for a fantastic price. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new roof.

Sara Gambone

Very professional. Did a wonderful job. We love our new roof. And their prices can’t be beat

Carrie Young

Price reasonable and was very professional

Scott Jones

I really give it a 10! Well organized, And responsible for cleaning everything around the house

luis Vazquez

I’m a little disappointed in the quote I received from this roofer, I don’t understand how I was quoted all but the same price to JUST go over top of my existing roof with new roofing material. I received quotes from 6 other local top rated roofers to perform a complete tear off, and install of new roof and there quotes were about the same as this company wanted to charge me to ONLY go over top
of my existing roof. I called metal supplier and was quoted around $1100 for new metal and the other materials listed in estimate would’ve been an extra $500-$800 if that. So materials are only $2000 and labor is a little over $4000 to just lay some panels down? Doesn’t seem right to me, and what also boggles my mind is that every other roofer said that they did NOT recommend going over old metal roof with new metal roofing but this business offered that option to me and also stated this would be the cheapest compared to a complete new roof. Here’s my question, where’s the savings at???? Your quote literally came in at roughly $1000 less than me doing a completely new roof with all new material. This is wrong in my personal opinion!


We want to thank each one of our customers who have trusted us with their residential roofing project.

A Premier Lancaster, PA Roofing Contractor

What to Consider When Looking to Get a New Roof in Denver PA

Here are a couple things to consider about your roof when you are looking to hire a roofing contractor.

1. Get Estimates

Contact several different local roofing companies for estimates. Make sure you are getting free estimates. When contact companies for free estimates make sure they are local reputable roofing companies. Compare your estimates closely, while looking at the difference in materials or labor that are being displayed.

2. Cheaper Isn't Necessarily Better

When looking at the different estimates don’t fall into the mindset that cheapest is best. When it comes to roofs quality does come with a price just make sure you do your research so that price isn’t more than it needs to be. Know what materials your roofer is using before he installs them on your roof. Good materials come with a cost, but they are worth it in the long run. Do your research on what those proven materials are.

3. Always Get A Written Contract

Never let someone work on your roof without a written contract. When given a contract be sure to read it right before you sign it, some contractors have been known to switch the contract at the last minute to get more money out of you. You are not the stupid homeowner that will sign up for anything. Compare contracts to make sure you are getting the right roofing contractor for you.

4. Don't Hire A "Storm Runner"

Be wary of the “roofers” that come knocking on your door right after a bad storm. These guys are known as storm runners and they are at your door because they want your money and that is it. Even if there is obvious damage to your roof, don’t fall into their scam. In Denver PA, the reputable roofing companies aren’t knocking on your doors for work. Take your time to ask friends and family about roofers they have used in the past.

5. Your New Roof is an Investment

Replacing the roof on your home is one of the single biggest investments you will make on your house. If you are thinking about selling your house, a new roof could be a major selling point for a potential buyer. Having a new roof that is structurally sound could potentially add thousands of dollars to the current value of your house. If you aren’t selling your house it still is an investment that should be considered. A new roof can help to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system due to not letting unwanted air out through your roof.

Our investment is in you. That's why our customers love us. You will, too.

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Elmer’s Roofing is...

a reputable roofing contractor serving homeowners throughout the South, Central part of Pennsylvania. If you are wanting to regain the confidence and trust you once had in your old roof, simply request a free consultation or contact Daniel today.

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