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Replace Those Worn Out Shingles

Ugh, those roof shingles just seem worn out and drab. Sure, they aren’t leaking much but they also aren’t really keeping up with the rest of my property. I mean the new dark mulch we put on the flower beds is definitely helping and for that one day every week when the yard is nicely mowed, I can look past those ugly shingles. I guess the new front door helps a little bit to, with keeping my eyes from going to the roof.

You don’t have to deal with this!!! This doesn’t have to keep you up at night!

Give your house that curb appeal it deserves. Tear off those old worn out shingles. Have the freshest design and latest color installed to your roof. Let your house stand out against your neighbors.

We Service Lancaster County

Are you looking to support a small business? We are PA Amish Roofers Serving Lampeter/ Strasburg. We are located in Lancaster, Pa and regularly do residential roofing work in the Lampeter, Strasburg, Paradise, Willow Street, Refton, and the surrounding areas. We are focused on being Amish Roofers you can trust.

Check out some of our handwritten customer reviews below.

We had a full roof replacement. Elmer’s Roofing did an excellent job! Great communication, punctual and value. Very clean while onsite and after completion. Highly recommend Elmer’s!

Tony LoGiurato

Elmer’s Roofing had our garage roof done in half a morning before a snow storm. It was great. Quick and reliable service ! Thanks Elmer

Alexa Wicker

Great, friendly, quick service! Did a terrific job and the crew cleaned everything up afterwards and fixed the issue.

Douglas Smith
Megan Cook

Did a wonderful job for a fantastic price. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new roof.

Sara Gambone

Price reasonable and was very professional

Scott Jones

Elmers was the best price for a new roof and gutters. The install was perfect and went above my expectations and was way better service and easier to deal with than other roofers I worked with. Final install was flawless. Highly recommended.

Andrew Davison

I really give it a 10! Well organized, And responsible for cleaning everything around the house

luis Vazquez

I’m a little disappointed in the quote I received from this roofer, I don’t understand how I was quoted all but the same price to JUST go over top of my existing roof with new roofing material. I received quotes from 6 other local top rated roofers to perform a complete tear off, and install of new roof and there quotes were about the same as this company wanted to charge me to ONLY go over top
of my existing roof. I called metal supplier and was quoted around $1100 for new metal and the other materials listed in estimate would’ve been an extra $500-$800 if that. So materials are only $2000 and labor is a little over $4000 to just lay some panels down? Doesn’t seem right to me, and what also boggles my mind is that every other roofer said that they did NOT recommend going over old metal roof with new metal roofing but this business offered that option to me and also stated this would be the cheapest compared to a complete new roof. Here’s my question, where’s the savings at???? Your quote literally came in at roughly $1000 less than me doing a completely new roof with all new material. This is wrong in my personal opinion!


Excellent workmanship and superb crew.
Have gone to Elmer’s Roofing for two different homes.


Very professional. Did a wonderful job. We love our new roof. And their prices can’t be beat

Carrie Young

We look forward to working with you!

PA Amish Roofers Serving Lancaster, PA

PA Amish Roofers Serving Lampeter and Strasburg

Elmer’s Roofing is your local residential roofing company in Lampeter, PA and Strasburg, PA. Elmer’s Roofing has been providing quality shingle roofing since 1995! We are here to help you. Whether you live in the Historical District of Strasburg or the quiet Lampeter Square neighborhood we can replace your roof. Your home is representation of who you are, at Elmer’s Roofing we understand you want a roof that stands out from your neighbors. Not all shingled roofs are created equal. At Elmer’s Roofing we use the absolute best and time-tested materials on the market. GAF shingles our are go to shingle, 130 years of innovating and manufacturing shingles locally (Myerstown, PA) gives us full confidence in the materials we are installing on your Lampeter–Strasburg home. 

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What are some of the benefits of a new roof?

Here are a couple things to consider about your roof when you are looking to get a new roof installed

1. Curb Appeal

One of the best feelings as a Harvest Estates homeowner, is a Saturday afternoon after you mowed your yard and freshly mulched the flower beds. You take a step back and beam with a sense of accomplishment and pride. You get this feeling that wow, my house really stands out amongst my neighbors. This is curb appeal.

Easily lost in the beautiful flower beds or the freshly mowed yard, is your roof, and understandably so. Maybe you never experienced the vibrancy of a brand-new roof and the nice glow it does add to your house and property. A brand-new roof can really set your house apart from neighbors’ houses, even Mr. Jones down the street.  

2. Resale Value

A brand-new roof can raise the value of your house on average anywhere from 10,000-20,000 dollars. That’s an investment that cannot be overlooked. A roof is considered to be an important structural part of your house. If you are trying to sell your house with a bad roof you will see a pretty big loss in value.

On the other hand, if you have a house with a new roof that maybe even has the warranties, then you are set. The value of your house will increase drastically.

3. Energy Efficiency

With GAF shingles, there is a constant innovation and upgrading of the shingles. This is important to maintain energy efficiency in your home. So, your house has shingles on it that are 20 years old? You should think about replacing your shingles, because they are a vital part of your home’s energy efficiency. When you have shingles that are blown off are worn down water may leak in, but air will also be going out. This will put added stress on your Heating and Air System.

4. Health conditions

Blown off shingles aren’t the only result of a roof that is old and worn out. Mold, moss, and mildew can also be a result of a roof that is aging and in need of replacing. The best way to totally get rid of any mold growth on the inside of your roof is to get your roof replaced. When we tear off your current roof we will check and make sure the roof is sound structurally and if anything needs replaced or fixed, we will fix it.

Our investment is in you. That's why our customers love us. You will, too.

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Elmer’s Roofing is...

a reputable roofing contractor serving homeowners throughout the South, Central part of Pennsylvania. If you are wanting to regain the confidence and trust you once had in your old roof, simply request a free consultation or contact Daniel today.

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